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IT Outsourcing

The service includes outsourcing of IT personnel; the personnel is always within our payroll, but working in your company. Personnel outsourcing minimizes costs, saves your company time in the recruitment and selection process, provides hiring flexibility, shifts the burden from your company to ours and gives you access to specialized technical staff.



We carry out the recruitment and selection process and present a wide range of specialized personnel that satisfies your needs. Headhunting saves you the time you would have to invest in recruiting, selecting and evaluating personnel through psychometric, polygraphed, technical tests, etc; guaranteeing the service for two months if the selected candidate leaves the post or does not meet expectations.


Hourly Support

We provide specialized technical personnel to cover a specialized consulting or support service on demand by the hour or for a specified period of time. Hourly support provides you with a quick and effective solution to a problem or situation that arises within your company.



The purpose of our Trainee program is to provide young technicians in the last years of their university career or recent graduates a first job opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience in the technical area of ​​their interest. Our Trainee program invites young people to be part of a community that will provide them with various benefits like; work experience, event trainings, establishing relationships with mentors, new skills and abilities, and gives them the opportunity to opt for a permanent job that marks the beginning of your career.


Training and Certifications

In IT, continuous training is mandatory, technological changes occur in very short periods. For this reason we have alliances with world leading specialized companies, we are also developing our own training system that combines an “online” or “e Learning” methodology. At 2IT Jobs we want to train people and teams capable of playing the new roles that organizations and the market require. We address those who need to adapt and perform successfully in the face of technological changes. Solving the challenges of transformation, optimization and development of talent that the organization has in digital fields.

Our programs combine technology and leadership to form digital leaders.

More information about our current courses and certifications at info@2itjobs.com


Online Software Factory

We have personnel specialized in remote programming and software development to cover development projects. With our Online Software Factory, you will have specialized access to our programming and development team, it will save you time, money and physical space. We also have a time management control software available through which you can have a report of the effectiveness of our programmers.